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Logistics Accounting Team
 Logistics, Backoffice & Admin. Under the same roof

Provide your Customers with quality of Services provided by large companies using us.

Logistic Services

With in depth knowledge of all processes from order placement, order follow up to order fulfillment and reverse logistics. We can help you set up costing systems, ERP recording comply with ISO, FDA & CE.

Backoffice Services

Office services that could strengthen operations, relieve pressures on executive directors, and lead to greater efficiencies. We can provide full back office from event reservations to package tracking to technical support management.

Admin Services

From phone answering services , scheduling to event arrangement, we can provide a backend office that supports your business. You Email A request & our team will take care of the rest.

Custom Made Services

Each business is different and requires different services we can help with all the list above is a narrow list of what we can do with you.

Accounting Team
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