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 Financial Initial Public Offerings Services 

Post IPO Support

We support companies through accounting matters and prepare financial reports such as 10-K & 20-F. We will help the company implement iSox/Sox process, in case of expansion we will train & support your new staff.

IPO Advisory

We help the company during the process, we advise on answers to SEC or ISA, help with data for roadshow & analysts. We can provide the data for additional chapters.

Prospectus Preparation

We prepare financial data, convert the data to comply to public companies standard. US GAAP & IFRS translation if needed.  We correspond with the external auditors.

IPO in Tel Aviv

"Going Public" can push your company ahead. However, it consumes significant resources and requires delivery in a tight timeframe.  We are here to provide you with hands -on guidance. 

Accounting Team
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